Meet The Webmaster

Hi! I’m Tom O’Neill, the webmaster of this site. I’ve been involved with Internet work for longer than I care to admit. These days I’m semi-retired; I supplement my Social Security income by working as a delivery person for Silver Sands Pizza in Milford. It’s honest work, and the tips make it worthwhile. I started delivering food at the start of the pandemic, for Franco’s Pizza in Milford, and worked for them for a little over a year before switching to Silver Sands. (More on that later.)

When I’m not working for Silver Sands, or on household upkeep, or spending quality time with Lili (a fellow SCM member), I am a computer musician. A lifetime of my ambient music can be found here. Updates have been thin since the start of the pandemic; I have some new pieces completed which I have yet to upload. The past 18 months I have been working with my long-time electronic drummer & partner (we were in local bands for a time), and a mutual guitarist friend, on the Suspicious Residue project (WARNING: highly political content; if you are an alt-righty or a Trump supporter, I’d skip this link if I were you). I serve primarily as keyboardist, principal producer and audio engineer. I also shot and created our two music videos (finally getting to use those skills I learned as a film student at UB back in the day … yaaaay!). As of this writing, a third song is in the works.

I also assist my uncle as a co-webmaster of sites he and I manage for clients.

My primary duties as a SCM webmaster are:

  • Keeping the domain registration current;
  • Making sure the site has a home on the internet;
  • Managing the WordPress installation on which the site is based;
  • Uploading a copy of new Chronicle newsletters to the site when they become available (see link at the top of this page). *

(* Please note: the archive is password protected, so as to prevent non-members from reading them. To access the archive, email me with a request – my email address is in the Officers page, link at the top of this page.)

Regarding Franco’s Pizza: I got a call from his wife Angela back in April 2023, with a request: her day driver had to leave town to attend to an illness in the family, would I fill in until his return? I already work 30+ hours a week for Silver Sands, but I volunteered to pitch in until her driver returned.

Long story short: he never returned. The added hours have pretty much killed any free time I might otherwise have to work on outside projects, this web site included.

This month, Franco’s announced they were closing the restaurant after over 30 years serving customers in Milford. (Announcement is at their web site.) I’m sad to see them close, but it will mean I will get time back for things I’ve needed to push aside since April. This includes installing a discussion forum on the site. There’s a learning curve involved, to wit: setting up the forum sections and topics, setting up the mechanism for SCM members to sign up for access and post content, ensuring proper security policies are set up and implemented – it’s a process, please be patient.

Now please see the post: This Website Is Not Broken.



We’re working to build a new web site. Please be patient as we get things set up here.

There are links across the top of the home page for the SCM Officers listing, and the SCM Chronicle archive which is now current and up to date through July 2022.

Please Note: the Chronicle archive is now password protected; username and password information will be found in future issues of the Chronicle. In the meantime, email me (scm66_admin[at] for the username and password. Please send the email from the account you have on file at the US Mensa web site, so I can verify your membership.