SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT MENSA, Mensa chapter #066, Region 1, covers Fairfield County Connecticut from Long Island Sound in the south to the Danbury area in the north. This area comprises over 900,000 residents and is bordered by New York State and Litchfield, and New Haven counties. The county seat is Bridgeport (population approx. 140,000) and the major metro area is Bridgeport-Stamford.

Southern Connecticut Mensa has hundreds of active members and hosts a monthly dinner, a joint chapter dinner with CT and Western Massachussetts Mensa, and monthly musical and theater outings. Our monthly newsletter, the Chronicle, is available free in either postal or e-mail formats to chapter members, and by subscription to Mensans from other chapters and the general public.

To find out more about the organization and how to qualify for membership, visit either the MENSA International or American MENSA web sites. The American MENSA web site also has links to other MENSA chapter web sites around the country, as well as links to MENSA members’ personal web pages.