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Southern Connecticut MENSA

News and Notes

SCM Members - News & Notes
August 2019

• Your Suggestions for Mensa Events &
SCM Monthly Dinner Speakers

Want to schedule a brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee break, or other Mensa get-together in your area? Let us know! We'll help get the word out and offer any guidance or tips to help make hosting an event fun and easy.

ALSO: If you or someone you know would like to be a speaker at one of our upcoming monthly dinners, let us know. The dinner is normally scheduled for the third Saturday of each month.

Contact Jim Mizera at jmizeract[at], or text or call (203) 522-1959, to share your ideas for new events and/or to suggest speakers for SCM monthly dinners.

• More Ways To Reach Out to Your Fellow
Southern Connecticut Mensans

The Southern Connecticut Mensa Blog:

Southern Connecticut Facebook Page:

The Southern Connecticut Twitter Feed :

If you would like to post any last-minute events or information on the blog, email Merrill at SCMensa66[at] Anything posted on the blog will be mirrored on the Facebook page and the Twitter feed, unless otherwise requested.

If you hit the Follow button on the blog and add your email address, you will be automatically notified of all new updates.

The Twitter feed features event alerts, group news and other tidbits (both serious and not so serious).

If you have ideas or suggestions for tweets you would like to submit to the SCM Twitter feed, send a Direct Message to [at]scmensa66 on Twitter, or use the contact page on this site.