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• Help Wanted

As many of you know, the Mensa Foundation scholarship competition is heating up at the local level. On February 16, the best essays from each local group come to me for the next round of judging. I'd love to get a couple of readers from each local group in Region 1. Can you recommend anyone who might be interested in reading essays this year? The main requirement is that regional judges cannot have been a judge at the local level this year. All judging will be done online and by e-mail. Please have any potential judges contact me directly if they have any other questions.

- Greg Draves
Region 1 Scholarship Chair

• Your Suggestions for Mensa Events &
SCM Monthly Dinner Speakers

Want to schedule a brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee break, or other Mensa get-together in your area? Let us know! We'll help get the word out and offer any guidance or tips to help make hosting an event fun and easy.

ALSO: If you or someone you know would like to be a speaker at one of our upcoming monthly dinners, let us know. The dinner is normally scheduled for the third Saturday of each month.

Contact Jim Mizera at jmizeract[at], or text or call (203) 522-1959, to share your ideas for new events and/or to suggest speakers for SCM monthly dinners.

• More Ways To Reach Out to Your Fellow
Southern Connecticut Mensans

The Southern Connecticut Mensa Blog:

Southern Connecticut Facebook Page:

NEW FOR 2018: The Southern Connecticut Twitter Feed :

If you would like to post any last-minute events or information on the blog, email Merrill at SCMensa66[at] Anything posted on the blog will be mirrored on the Facebook page and the Twitter feed, unless otherwise requested.

If you hit the Follow button on the blog and add your email address, you will be automatically notified of all new updates.

The Twitter feed features event alerts, group news and other tidbits (both serious and not so serious).

If you have ideas or suggestions for tweets you would like to submit to the SCM Twitter feed, send a Direct Message to [at]scmensa66 on Twitter, or use the contact page on this site.

SCM Chapter Events Schedule
February 2018

• The Art of Neon Light - Southern Connecticut Mensa Museum Outing

Saturday, February 3, 2:00 pm

Neuberger Museum of Art, 735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY

Just what you need for bleak mid-winter: enjoy luminous art with saturated color and glowing lines. Featuring glass-bending artists such as Stephen Antonakos, Chryssa, Otto Piene, Cerith Wyn Evans.

Free Admission. Museum parking $6.

Contact host Bruce Miller if you would like to meet for noon lunch across the street at the Cobble Stone Pub. Family and friends welcome. I'll be wearing my signature Hawaiian shirt so you can find the group.

Mobile: (203) 554-0903
Email" bruce3miller[at]

• Book Discussion at the Diner

Tuesday, February 6, 6:30 pm

Silver Star Diner, 210 Connecticut Ave. (Post Rd.), Norwalk, CT (

Come talk about books (non-technical) you have read recently. Drop in and join the conversation. RSVP to Jim Mizera at jmizeract[at] or text or call (203) 522-1959.

• SCM/C&WM Joint Dinner - Danbury CT

Thursday, January 11, 7:00 pm

John's Best Pizza, ShopRite Plaza, Federal Road, Danbury CT

We're moving our dinner to the first Wednesday of each month. Join us for some great pizza (and other Italian food) as well as a wide variety of conversational topics. Casual, fun, and low-key evening.

Directions and Information:, Phone: (203) 775-1297.

Interested M's should contact Merrill Loechner at SCMensa66[at]

• Southern Connecticut Mensa Board Meeting

Thursday, February 15, 7:00 pm


Contact Joan Coprio at jcoprio[at] for directions or to add something to the agenda.

• The Southern CT Mensa Monthly Dinner

Saturday, February 17, 6:30 pm

Please Note Dinner Location -
Panera Bread
1860 Post Road East Westport, CT.

Location on Google Maps

Fellow Mensa member Rick D'amico will talk about archery.

Contact Jim Mizera at jmizeract[at], or text or call (203) 522-1959, for reservations or info. RSVP strongly encouraged.

Dress is casual. We will enjoy dinner before the presentation (if you have the Panera app, you can pre-order).

Members who have not attended a monthly dinner before will get dinner for free, or get a free Panera gift card.

You can bring a donation of money or food to benefit the Connecticut Food Bank.

In case of severe inclement weather: please contact Jim to inquire if the dinner is postponed or canceled.

• Southern CT Mensa Coffee Party

Thursday, February 22, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Starbucks, 1079 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT (off Merritt exit 35 and next to Trader Joe's)

Host: Bruce Miller, (203) 554-0903 mobile, bruce3miller[at]

Connecticut & Western Massachusetts
MENSA Chapter

• C&WM Events Calendar Online

The Connecticut & Western Massachusetts MENSA chapter Events Calendar for the current month can be viewed here:

(NOTE: your Mensa ID and Password are required in order to access the C&WM web site.)

C&WM event listings are also available in this month's online edition of the SCM Chronicle Newsletter.

Upcoming Regional & Annual Gatherings

• New Hampshire Mensa's
Silly Walks to the End of the Universe

February 16 - 18

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

More info:

• Central New Jersey Mensa's Snowball XLIV

March 2 - 4

Iselin, New Jersey

The Central New Jersey Mensa's Snowball is a large, long-running RG that is remarkably close to many Region 1 members. Unfortunately, there won’t be any AMC members at the RG, because a scheduling mix-up has the AMC meeting in Denver that same weekend. But I urge you to travel to New Jersey for a weekend that's always a good time.

More info:

• MENSA Annual Gathering - Monumentally Mindbending!

July 4 - 8

Indianapolis, Indiana

Registration and hotel reservations are now open for next summer's Annual Gathering in Indianapolis, IN. The cost of registration will be increasing on March 1st.

For all the details, and to join American Mensa's big annual get-together, see

Mid-Hudson Mensa Chapter
Upcoming Events

• This is not a complete listing.

Please note:

Details regarding these and other Mid-Hudson events can be fount at:

• Potential Potluck in Holmes, NY

Date Pending

A recent transplant from Oregon Mensa, Mid-Hudson Mensa member Daniel Laury is interested in having a themed potluck event at his home in Holmes, NY, 12531. He tells us that he's had success with home-based, themed events in Oregon, including Mysteries, Movie Night, Medieval Food Night, and the hilarious "Shark Face Party" that you can watch for yourself on

If interested in attending or planning, please show your support by contacting Daniel at drlaury[at] so he can gauge the feasibility of putting this together. With Homes situated between Fishkill, NY, and New Milford, CT, we're hoping this get-together will feature both NY and CT Mensans!